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We’re Moving Out! Yeah, you read that right; I Like To Make Stuff is moving out of the basement and into a new commercial space! Come Check it out!

Why Are We Moving?

If you’ve been watching our videos for a while, you know that this all started in a single-car garage in Savannah, Georgia. As the channel and my family grew, we decided to move back to my hometown into my grandfather’s house to have more space. Since then, we’ve hired aa team of people to help create more content for you and we keep filling up my basement. Bigger projects needs more space, more offerings needs more space, cooler tools to show you needs more space; get the issue? We are working in the background to make more stuff to help you make more stuff and the basement is at capacity.

Another reason, and this one has the bigger pull on my heart, is that I have monopolized this huge basement ever since we moved in. I remember coming down here with my cousins years ago and playing pool, hanging out, and making memories. My four kids and nieces and nephews don’t have that option. I’m constantly balancing my family’s needs with the business’s needs. So, finding a commercial space allows I Like To Make Stuff to grow and I can give a lot of this space back to the people that actually live here.

What is Moving?

Right now, the office is moving to the new space; Josh & Anthony’s setups and the Star Wars console with our networking equipment. The podcast studio is also moving to a room in the new building where it can grown into a professional recording studio. For the short term, the workshop is staying here. I have a lot of tools and there isn’t room in the new building for them all…yet. So, most of what you see in the videos won’t change very much. However, there are some tools that are moving like our 5’x5′ AVID CNC. We have big plans for that machine and AVID was kind enough to send us an expansion kit to convert it to a 5’x10′ machine! One last big tool that we haven’t introduced before is our PS48, 90 watt laser. Josh has been prototyping on that machine for a while in the background and it is now getting a new home.

What’s the Next Step?

Once we settle in to the new building, we are standing up our production wing where we can make products to help you make things. We want to help you complete the making path by introducing an idea in the videos, offering links to the tools we use, making digital plans to follow along with, and now, offering kits to help make those projects a reality if plans aren’t sufficient. We want to shorten the gap between inspiration and manifestation. We’ll announce more about the specifics shortly, but know that we are offering more so you can have more.

As for the shop…we also bought the parcel of land next door to the new building. 🙂

Tools List:

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3d Printing/CNC/Laser:

Other Stuff: