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Since we moved, one of the things I’m missed most is having a dedicated (and isolated) office to work from. My computer has been on a table in the living room which makes recording voice overs and podcasts pretty difficult. I finally got to a point where it was time to focus on converting an old storage room into my new office.The room was in the center of the basement, so there were no windows or natural light, and it was right below the living room which caused lots of noise to come through from above. I tried a few things in the this video to sound proof the space between the joists using some sound insulation and by adding a drop ceiling. I made a full wall into a giant white board and cut an almost 4’x8′ hole in a wall to add a large window. The window (acrylic) let’s some of the natural light from the next room, into the office.

This was a pretty big conversion and I’m extremely excited to be typing this post  FROM THE NEW OFFICE! It was totally worth all of the work.

Now, I just have to get everything moved in and decorate it!