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A Progress Tracking Practice Seat

| 3D Printing, awesome, design, diy, Electronics, Projects, software | No Comments
I wanted to make a progress tracker using some simple sensors and LEDs. Come see how we make a practice seat that tracks your progress! (more…)

Hiding a Wall Safe with a Puzzle

| awesome, design, diy, Electronics, Furniture, Projects, Woodworking | No Comments
Can we make a wall safe more secure by covering it with a puzzle? Come see how we did it and see if it actually deters a robber. (more…)

Kitchen Cabinets: Cheaper to Build or Buy?

| awesome, building, design, diy, Home, Projects, Woodworking | No Comments
Is it cheaper to build or buy kitchen cabinets? In this video, we explore the different options, show you how to make a basic cabinet, and compare the actual prices…
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