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Can this $13,000 tool PAY FOR ITSELF?!

| CNC / 3D Carving, design, diy, Laser, Projects, Woodworking | No Comments
A laser belongs in your shop AND can make you money - here’s how. (more…)

The First STEP to Your Smart Home!

| 3D Printing, design, Electronics, Home, Projects, Renovation, Restoration, software, Woodworking | No Comments
Flipping stairs is easy - but I took it to the next step by adding Arduino controlled LED lights to make them SMART STAIRS! Let’s get these stairs LIT! (more…)

Why is a Bed the Perfect Woodworking Project?

| building, design, diy, Furniture, Home, Maker 101, Projects, Woodworking | No Comments
No matter where you are in your woodworking skills, a bed can be the perfect project to meet you where you are and help you improve you skills. It's a…
  • Storage Twin Bed — Digital Plans

  • Shop Mats

  • Big o’ Bundle (B.o.B)

  • Legacy T-Shirt


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