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How to Avoid Mistakes With a Unique Tile Backsplash

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I wanted a super unique design for a tile backsplash but I needed to put time into the prepwork to make it right! (more…)

It’s Time To Upgrade Your Workbench (with build plans!)

| building, diy, Furniture, Home, Maker 101, Projects, Shop Projects, video, Woodworking | No Comments
Out with the old and in with the new! I upgraded my workbench and made it larger, sturdier, flatter, and with more storage! (more…)

Gallery Walls: Easier Than You Think

| building, design, diy, gallery, Home, Maker 101, misc., My Work, Projects, Shop Projects, Woodworking | No Comments
We've made a lot of cool stuff here - let’s build a huge gallery wall and hang it all up! (more…)
  • ILTMS Sustainable Push Stick

  • Shop Mats

  • Big o’ Bundle (B.o.B)

  • Legacy T-Shirt


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