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Can I Make Toast Art?

| CNC / 3D Carving, design, diy, Laser, Metal work, Projects | No Comments
I want my breakfast toast to be art inspired - what could go wrong? (more…)

Floating Shelves You Can Stand On

| building, design, diy, Furniture, Home, Metal work, Projects, Renovation, video, Woodworking | No Comments
I literally STOOD on a floating shelf that was hanging on my wall. I also had to learn some lessons along the way. (more…)

Making a Guitar YOU CAN WIN! – Great Guitar Build Off 2022

| design, diy, Music | No Comments
Great Guitar Build Off is officially here and I'm super happy with how it turned out - I might have to make another one just like it for myself. (more…)
  • ILTMS Sustainable Push Stick

  • Shop Mats

  • Big o’ Bundle (B.o.B)

  • Legacy T-Shirt


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