Making Filament Storage with an Etched Glass Door

| 3D Printing, awesome, building, design, diy, Furniture, Projects, Woodworking | No Comments
We do a lot of 3d printing here at I Like to Make Stuff. In the past you've seen us organize our printers but we haven't successfully organized our printing…

Switches // Bits

| Bits | No Comments
In this episode of Bits, we talk about switches and buttons; how they work and what the different types can do. There are millions of cool buttons, but this video…

How to Make A Secret Room (Through a Wardrobe)

| awesome, building, Furniture, Home, Projects, Renovation, Woodworking | No Comments
In a follow-up to one of my favorite projects, Making a Secret Door, we are making an entire secret room in Josh's house that you access through the back of…

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