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Fixing My Problem With Powder Coating

| Metalworking, Projects | No Comments
I really enjoy powder coating. It works great with small objects that can fit in a toaster oven, but what about coating larger objects or even furniture? Unfortunately, a full-sized…

Better Than IKEA for $200 Less

| building, Furniture, Home, Projects, Woodworking | No Comments
This week Bob takes on a project to recreate and improve the popular Billy cabinet from IKEA. He's determined to make it bigger, better, and cheaper. In this blog post,…

You’d Never Guess How It Opens | Secret Nightstand

| building, design, diy, Furniture, Home, Projects, Woodworking | No Comments
In his latest video, Bob undertook an intriguing project: designing and crafting a stylish nightstand with a hidden compartment. The motivation behind this project? Storing some of this most prize…
  • Double Display Case — Digital Plans

  • Shop Mats

  • Big o’ Bundle (B.o.B)

  • Legacy T-Shirt


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