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We are reorganizing the shop and it’s a bit overwhelming. In this second Between the Builds video, come see the old versus new setup of the shop; and whether or not we need a pallet jack.

Anthony is at it again; taking all of our extra footage and cutting it all together to make Josh and I look crazy. Well, that isn’t that far from the truth. We are rearranging the shop to make room for the new Bridgeport mill and Southbend lathe. When we moved one thing, we had to shift another. Adding these new huge machines caused a perpetual wave of clutter and mess. Josh, Anthony, and I spent a lot of time moving items, creating better storage, and battling hoarder tendencies.

I like to shake up the shop every few years because I believe that your space should reflect how you work. I keep all of my major fixtures on wheels so that I can move them around as needed and I’m not locked into a set infrastructure. As you can see in the video, it is a daunting task, but it was very necessary and. I believe that the end result is way better than it was previously, even though there may not very many stand-out differences.

I hope you enjoy these types of videos, they are fun to make and we love showing you the stuff that happens behind the scenes.

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