We Bought a Farm!

By July 1, 2019Projects

So, we bought a farm! We’re really excited to share this news with everyone, because this means bigger projects down the road!

The first question, I’m sure, is WHY!?  We’re NOT moving, the shop isn’t moving, we’re NOT going to start growing crops or raising animals.

There are two big reasons (and a bunch of small ones) that boil down to space.  I want to have woods and space for my kids to explore and build on their own. I want to teach them about camping, hiking and nature in a space that we can visit often, in addition to traveling to experience those things.  I also want to have room to build new things that don’t make sense at our house. I want to have space for friends and family to enjoy as well.  The farm does have a fairly large shop on it already, so we will be putting SOME tools out there so that we can make things, but the main shop will still be at my house for now.

Ultimately, I DON’T have the whole thing planned out. I’m looking forward to the opportunity to figure out how to use and enjoy the farm as we go.

If you want to learn more about what the plans are for this new property, we will be posting periodic update videos to our second channel, so be sure to subscribe to I Like To Make Stuff 2 on YouTube so you don’t miss one!