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We’ve partnered with The Home Depot and Kohler to fully transform our old Gas Station Bathroom. Even the nastiest bathrooms can look amazing with a little work and some new fixtures. Check out the list below for everything we used in this project!

  1. Tear Out Nasty Stuff
  2. Lay Down Tile
  3. Add New Fixtures!

1. Tear Out Nasty Stuff

The bathroom in question is right outside of my basement workshop. It is the place where paint brushes get rinsed out and you stop in for a quick potty break. No one ever really used it until Josh & Anthony started working in the shop with me. We jokingly called it the “Gas Station Bathroom,” because it is super nasty looking. Well, now that they are in the new building, I should finally fix it up, haha. I want to give a lot of the basement space back to my family, which means more people will be down here using it. With some help from The Home Depot and Kohler, I’m going to transform this disgusting “gas station” bathroom into a really nice and inviting space.

Yeah, the first step in any remodel is demo…so I threw on some gloves and ripped out the old, crusty fixtures and scraped up the flooring. Once I had a blank canvas, I had to choose my tile arrangement, paint colors, and modern fixtures. Since I wanted to use the modern fixtures from Kohler, I could plan the tile around those pieces. I decided on a simple hexagon tile with blue accent lines, but I had to figure out how I wanted the pattern to look.

2. Lay Down Tile

We have covered the mechanics of laying tile before, and this bathroom, in that regard, was no different. The real challenge was deciding on the tile arrangement. Laying rectangular tile is pretty easy, you stagger at intervals of 1/3 the length of the piece so the seems aren’t lined up. Some people like to align square tiles in a simple grid; it’s all personal preference. To orient hexagon-shaped tile, you must first decided whether you want the point or the flat leading the design. My chosen tile has three blue lines running across the middle, making it crucial to decide on a pattern before you begin.

I chose to lay the hex tile so that the design folds up the far wall and carries the honeycomb shape vertically in the room. I followed proper procedures for laying tile and used a color-matched grout color from my local Home Depot store. It is super cool that you can get color-matched grout and edge sealant. Before I started moving in fixtures, I made sure that the toilet flange was slightly above the level of the the new tile. If it were not, you can get a toilet flange spacer to help set the right height.

3. Add New Features!

With the room tiled and painted a fun bright color, it was time to move in the new fixtures. First, I installed the toilet from Kohler. Since I left the toilet flange slightly above the surface of the tile and because I was using a wax-less ring, the toilet set perfectly onto the floor. I then connected the tank to the commode and the water lines to the tank. Make sure you tighten all bolts evenly and not crazy tight, the porcelain can crack.

Next, I installed the new Kohler vanity with a matching faucet. It is way easier to install the faucet into the vanity top before you move it into the small space. I had to modify the shelving inside the vanity a bit to fit the existing plumbing, so be sure to measure everything first. Once in place, the vanity looked really nice and complimented the tile and the paint color really well.

Last, I hung the new lighting sconce and medicine cabinet. I used the existing wiring to run power to the sconce. This particular fixture was really cool because it came with a really handy electrical connector kit, which made it really easy to install by myself. The medicine cabinet hung on the wall using a provided mounting hole template; it was really simple. And just like that, the “gas station” bathroom was no more.

Gross to Gorgeous Bathroom Remodel!

I was so surprised at the transformation in this space. The original shop bathroom from 1983 is now a sleek, modern space that won’t give you hepatitis. I am so happy that I used the hexagon tile and the fixtures from Kohler. Yes, The Home Depot did sponsor the project video, but I really do like the fixtures and I would have chosen them even if it weren’t sponsored. I hope this project gave you some confidence and inspiration to tackle that neglected and nasty space in your home, you can do it.