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the state of über-desk

By February 28, 2011March 31st, 2015building, Projects, über desk, Woodworking

Just a little update on the desk project..

After using the desk for a couple of weeks, I’m absolutely loving it!  It’s plenty of space, and I get more ideas for it constantly.

I’ve gotten some time to put facing on the sides, fill and sand the points, as well as route the edge to smooth it out.  And after some primer, it’s starting to feel like it’s really coming along.

The biggest challenge so far was doing all of the sanding and routing without taking the desk outside (read: it won’t fit out of the door) without covering everything else in the room with sawdust.

Anyway, here are some pics of it currently, as well as some from the initial building process (taken by Josh)

[imagebrowser id=8] [imagebrowser id=7]