I recently got to try out some really cool construction sets with my kids called Maker Studio, and I just found out that the designs for the sets are now available for free on MakerBot’s Thingiverse. That’s awesome because anyone with a 3D printer can now make their own!

Thinkfun is celebrating with a#STEMchat on unleashing and inspiring the engineer in every child.

Designing, building, thinking both creatively and critically are key parts of the engineering process. Join us for #STEMchat as we share ideas and resources for creating a home, club or classroom that fosters those things. What messages or activities tend to pique the interest of girls? How do we improve access to materials for all children? Share your thoughts on June 30.

ThinkFun is also celebrating their partnership with MakerBot with the #KidsMakeIt Challenge. Kids enter by sharing a photo or video of their Maker Studio creations on Twitter or Instagram (or via Mom or Dad’s account if under 13) with the hashtag#KidsMakeIt from now through July 14. Click here for prize info and official contest rules.

In addition, the brand that puts the fun into all sorts of thinking puzzles and games plans to work their magic on our chat in the form of prizes! Help your kids with the #SummerSoar and the chance to win the most addictively fun games that promise to sharpen your mind, including Maker Studio Gears Set, Compose Yourself, and Code Master.

#STEMchat will take place on Tuesday, 6/30, from 9 – 10 PM Eastern.

Our panel will consist of some really interesting makers and engineers!

@ThinkFun, our sponsor, creators of addictively fun games that sharpen minds.

@DIYGirls, Luz Rivas, is an engineer, educator, entrepreneur and force for social good. I profiled her for STEM Girl Friday. She’s also one half of the brains behind the monthly hands-on maker kit subscription box, KitHub (which I reviewed here).

@Tara, Tara Tiger Brown, is social entrepreneur, technologist, innovator and mom whose accomplishments include co-founding the family-friendly LA Makerspace and, the other half of the brains behind KitHub.

@KimMoldofsky, also known as The Maker Mom and founder of #STEMchat. Occasionally tweeting from @TheMakerMom and @STEMchat.

And me! @ILikeToMakeStuf

Thinkfun Gear set

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*Join me for #STEMchat with @KimMoldofsky and @ThinkFun on Twitter 6/30 at 9 PM Eastern! http://tinyurl.com/ThinkFunSTEMchat