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Lots of people have been asking me to do a shop tour recently, and I’ve just been avoiding it because my shop is small, and I don’t really think it’s especially interesting. Finally, I came up with a way to make the tour a little more interesting (hopefully) and a bit different that the others that I’ve seen online.

The video above is interactive, so if you watch it, you can click on tools to learn about them. It’s definitely the most interesting way to tour my shop, but if you’d rather just look at pictures, I’ve got some of them below as well.

My work table

This table is really sturdy, and really simple. It’s 2×4 construction with MDF surfaces, which make it really easy to swap out the top if I damage it, or it just wears out.  Below, I store my Steel City 13″ planer, sanders and Ridgid Wet/Dry Vac
that powers my dust collection system.  On the end of the table, I’ve got the remote controls for my dust collection, which are centered in the middle of the shop.


Table Saw

My table saw is a Craftsman 21829 portable. I don’t believe it’s sold anymore or I would link to it.
Overall it’s been really good for me, since I used to have to take the saw outside to make cuts. Now that I have a dedicated shop, moving it isn’t necessary and there are some drawbacks to it. For example, there are no slots on either side of the blade for sleds to use, making it very difficult to make jigs and sleds for. On the other hand, it does have a sliding panel for miter and cross cuts, as well as holes to mount a router from beneath. Combining this with the fence, you can quickly make a pretty nice router table.

Lathe and lumber storage

My lathe is a 50’s era Craftsman, and it works great. I, however, don’t have much experience with it, so I’ve never used it in a project. I do have projects planned that will use it, so I need to get comfortable with the tool soon. I also have lots of hardware storage, as well as my 4-color screen printing press. For lumber storage, I stacked some pallets and connected them with excess pallet runners. This makes for very quick, very strong lumber storage.

Miter Saw and Clamps

My miter saw is a DEWALT 12″ Compound Miter Saw
that I inherited a few years back. It’s taken a beating, but is a good solid saw. Above it, I have all of my clamp storage.miterSaw

Dust Collection

I have two project videos (and more on the way) for my homemade dust collection system, that uses my Ridgid Wet/Dry Vac. The system also has blast gates at each tool, which are controlled by an Arduino.

Tool Cabinet

This is just a storage cabinet for power tools and extra attachments that I don’t use daily. It has things like Makita Plunge Router, Ridgid Hammer Drill, Black & Decker Belt Sander, DEWALT Reciprocating Saw, DEWALT Compact Router

Bandsaw, Drill Press, CNC Machine

My 14″ Bandsaw and Drill Press are both by Grizzly, and I’ve been VERY happy with both units. They’re on the bottom end of Grizzly’s price range, but are incredibly well built, solid tools. My CNC machine is the ShapeOko 2, which is a low cost kit. It’s the most machine you can get for the (low) cost. I did a full overview here.