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So, my “workshop/lab” is actually a multipurpose room.. as in workshop, office, music studio, laundry room, storage room, stroller parking, etc..

Therefore, it’s FULL of stuff, and I often reorganize the space to make it most efficient for what I need at the moment. I’d been wanting a more functional and versatile work table for quite a while. I have a giant desk, but I wanted something as a work surface.. something I could paint on, drill on, etc. I also had 2 separate workbenches, at different height levels, up against a wall, under storage cabinets, which limited their usefulness.

So, recently I’ve been on a crusade to free up floor space, store things efficiently and improve work space.  The first step was building a lumber cart to hold all of my scrap materials that are usually leaning up against a wall or some furniture.  I found some examples online and just approximated a simple one based on what worked for me. I ended up building one almost entirely out of the scrap wood that I already had, which was handy. I only made it 4′ wide (most of the others that I found were full 4×8 size) since I only buy full sheets of wood if I have a specific use for it.  The cart is surprisingly stable given it’s simple design, and it holds a ridiculous amount of wood.  The only change I would have made (and probably will eventually) is to buy bigger casters to support the weight of the cart+materials it’s storing (it got HEAVY very quickly).  If you build one, go for the big wheels.

Next up was unifying the height of my work benches, but I also wanted a table that had lots of storage underneath, and was moveable.  I wanted to be able to pull it into the middle of the room and have access from all sides, etc.  I started designing it with big casters, but they were eating into the height I wanted for storage below by several inches.  Since I have low pile carpet in my shop (I know, you probably don’t.. it’s a blessing and a curse) I decided on the biggest furniture sliders that I could find, and they worked GREAT.  Even with considerable weight, the table slides easily.

I also kept the 2×4 construction very simple, with 1/2″ MDF as the shelf and work surfaces.. cheap and easily replaceable. The entire table took a total of 30 minutes to build and is already paying off.

I’ve done lots of other reorganization of hardware and tools, which is less interesting, but I thought these 2 pieces might be useful to you. I’ll have another round of changes in the coming months. If any of it is especially creative or useful, I’ll post it as well.