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Recording Setup In a Box

We were challenged to make a complete podcast recording setup that fit inside a travel case for Pat Flynn. Using some clever organization and some beautiful walnut, we made him a box that can hold everything you need to record a podcast anywhere you go!

  1. Lay Out The Pieces
  2. Build Out the Case
  3. Make it Pretty

1. Lay Out the Pieces

Pay Flynn runs a successful podcast called the Smart Passive Income podcast. He talks to successful entrepreneurs and businesspeople on how to increase their monthly income using passive sources. It is a great resource and he helps a lot of people. He approached us with the idea of making a mobile case that contains everything you need to record a podcast. He travels a lot and having a recording setup with him would be cool.

He sent us a set of 4 really nice microphones with stands, a Rodecaster audio mixing board, and the cables necessary to record. Josh and I laid out the pieces and we determined the best arrangement for the smallest form factor. Josh went into Fusion 360 to model some pieces in CAD so we can CNC out some custom holders.

2. Build Out the Case

While Josh modeled the microphones and the Rodecaster, I began making the two-part box. The bottom section of the box will hold the Rodecaster and the XLR cables while the hinged top will hold the 4 microphones embedded in foam. The two sections will fit together to form a rectangular box wrapped in tolex (guitar case fabric). When opened, the two section will fold open revealing the podcast setup.

3. Make It Pretty

Once Josh used the CNC to cut the exact shapes of the microphone, we glued the foam inside the case and wrapped the pieces in thin walnut panels. The walnut panels will add a sleek look as well as capture the microphones and cables. We wanted the items to be held in place securely inside the case to prevent damage (and look awesome).

The outer case was wrapped in black textured tolex like a guitar amplifier. To help strengthen the plywood box, we added some metal corner protectors, some separate-able hinges, and heavy-duty latches. Because this case is meant to travel and set up anywhere, we installed some rubber feet and a sturdy handle.

Record Anything Anywhere!

We are really proud of the mobile podcast case and Pat was really happy to finally have it. If you watch the video, you’ll know that we began this project in 2020, right before the pandemic shut the world down. Two years later, we were able to deliver it to him and record an episode of his podcast using it! We are all really happy with the case and more importantly, we are happy that we were able to solve a problem that a friend had.