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Making stuff vs thinking about making stuff

By February 1, 2011building, misc.

So here’s two things about me.

I love to make stuff, and I love to make stuff well.  To make stuff well, I have to (usually) plan them well.

This is where my problem arises. Planning.

Some people have problems planning, they have trouble sitting down, getting the resources/needs together and focusing long enough to get their plan in place. That’s not me. I’ve almost always got the full need in my head, the resources available.. but I plan too long.

For example, I want to build a new desk.  I work from home, and my office is also my music studio, and my work shop, and several other things.  My desk has been a simple desk that I had in college, but now it’s completely cluttered and cramped with computers, drives, audio equipment (and junk)

So, I want to build a new desk… a nice BIG desk.  (Here’s where I spin my wheels)

and it could have an ipad stand routed into the surface, with a charger coming up through the surface..

and it could have a built in light table

and it could have under lighting built in

and it could have a microcontroller that told the desk to light up when I get an email, or IM

and it’s surface could be old motherboards, infused with blinking LEDs, covered in glass

and I could draw on the glass like a whiteboard

it goes on, and on.. (I’ve been planning for about a month now)

but I still don’t have a desk.

So, I’m going to give in to my first desire, to make stuff, and try to integrate the agile approach to furniture. Build quickly, and iterate.  I’m going to try to build the desk in a way that I can swap out the surface later (in case I want glass) and build it thick enough to house old motherboards, in case I ever do that, etc.

That’s it.. nothing profound, I just needed to write it down.  Thanks to my good friend Josh for inspiring me to do that.