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The Arduino is one of the things that gets talked about A LOT in “maker” circles. It’s used in all sorts of projects by all sorts of people, but I’d wager that more often than not, people don’t really understand what it is, and what it’s capable of. How can you use a tool if you don’t know what it does?Personally, I had an Arduino Uno sitting on my shelf for almost a year before I took a crack at using it for anything, partially out of time, but mostly out of lack of understanding.

Hopefully this quick overview video will give the unfamiliar among us, an introduction into what the board is, what it does and what the possibilities are!

Below I’ve listed some other resources to check out in case you want to find some more information. While this video is just about the hardware side of Arduino boards, there’s a whole other part.. the software.  I’m saving that for a video of it’s own, so I don’t cover it much here, but I’ve still added some good code example sites below.