Once again I was able to go to the Bay Area Maker Faire in San Mateo, CA this year and once again, it did NOT disappoint! In fact, I think I enjoyed it even more than last year! There were several reasons why I enjoyed it more, all of which I won’t talk about here. One of the big reasons was that I wasn’t quite as overwhelmed as I had been the first time I visited the faire.

It’s a HUGE spectacle, with tons of things to see, multiple tents and buildings, moving exhibits and LOTS of people. The first year, I couldn’t ever figure out where I was, and my eyes just darted from crazy thing to crazy thing.  This year, I had my bearings a little more and that familiarity  let me take a bit more in.

So, here’s your chance to be overwhelmed as well 🙂  Walk around with me, through just a small portion of what I saw at Maker Faire. Have a look around (moving your device, or clicking and dragging) and see what you can see!