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Quick teaser for my upcoming Quarterly Maker Box!

If you haven’t heard already, I got tapped to curate the next Quarterly Maker Box! Basically I get to pick out a bunch of cool stuff, all related to Maker and send it in a gift box to all of you guys.

I’ve finally settled on a theme for the box – it’s Work/Play balance. For me, making is all about striking that perfect balance of fun and utility. I am including three kits: one for your home, one for utility and the last one just for fun.

If you guys are fans of my projects, you’ll be big fans of this Maker Box! Think of it as three-mini projects, delivered straight to your door.

This box is shipping out THIS WEEK! Don’t miss out, subscribe here.

Be sure to use code: ILIKE2MAKESTUFF for 10% off your box!
Oh and that kit that’s just for fun? Check out my video above to see what it is!