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Recently, my wife has asked me to make a cake plate to accompany the wooden cake knife I made.  I found this as an opportunity to practice wood turning and to  get more comfortable on the lathe.
 I had a beautiful piece of figured maple and some chunks of walnut laying around and thought the contrast would look really nice together. The biggest struggle I faced in this project was trying to determine the proper order of operations. I mean, if you want to carve one side of the piece, the other side must somehow be attached to the lathe. You have to preplan the project so that you aren’t left with a smooth finished face that can’t fit in the chuck.

I then took the maple plate over to the Glowforge to laser engrave a message from the video game Portal.  The idea being that tardy desert-seekers would be left with the message “The Cake is a Lie.” I then assembled the three project pieces and finished the whole thing with lacquer. Once dry, the finish is food-safe and ready to be used.

My wife was really happy with this project and immediately put it to use during my sons’ birthday party. It was a great project that helped sharpen my skills on the lathe and use some spare pieces of really nice hardwood that would have been otherwise scrap.

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