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Yes, I realize that it’s a hip thing right now to like vinyl records. I also realize that I sound like a hipster when I say “I liked vinyl before it was cool”.  I don’t really care 🙂  The fact is that I’ve collected vinyl to a small degree for about 20 years, mainly because I grew up listening to my parents records, and I’ve always loved album art.  Album covers are some of the most vibrant and interesting pieces of mass published art available, and a vinyl record gives you a way to see that artwork in one of the largest ways possible (other than posters, etc).  I don’t have a ton of records, but I get the ones that I really like, either for the music inside or for the artwork outside.  There are several, however, where I like BOTH of those things.
The problem with putting a record in a frame to display it on the wall, is that it’s a huge hassle to actually listen to. My friend Adam brought this up one day, and I completely agreed with him.  He suggested I come up with a simple way to display them, but make it easy to remove the jacket and record quickly and easily. So, I did.

Check it out, and let me know in the comments of your favorite record in your collection!


Also, be sure to check out a more in-depth video on aluminum brazing by my friend David Picciuto.