It’s time to finish up my trike build and try it out!  In this video, I build out the control linkages and make some changes after an initial test.  Then I finally got it painted and took it out for a spin!
In the end, it worked pretty well but not like I had hoped.  The good thing is that I know of several improvements that I can make with pretty minimal work.  Using the reclaimed stuff was kind of hit or miss for this project. The bed frame was super hard steel and the resulting “square” tubing wasn’t worth the effort. The aluminum from the crutches was too weak and bent when I tested.  The bike parts worked out pretty well, but in the end I could have just bought a wheel and some pedals as that’s all of it that I ended up using.

The end result was a really interesting project, a bunch of new problems solved and a ton of new stuff learned on my part.  For that, I call it a win 🙂