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In my family, we have a lot of skateboards. I was tired of them all over the floor so I designed a hanger that attached to the wall, held a helmet, and showed off the underside graphics. This design started off with a set of requirements: 1. Get the boards off the floor; 2. Each board had to have an accompanied helmet; 3. I don’t want to stare at grip tape, I want to see the graphics. I decided on using steel square stock for the construction of my unique “hook” design. It is strong enough to hold the weight while needing minimal support braces. I really like the minimalistic look of the hanger because it allowed me to showcase the board and the helmet instead of a bulky rack.

I cut the square tubing into pieces with 30 degree angles and welded them up.  I learned half-way through the initial welds that I was running out of gas, causing my welds to be extra ugly. After a trip to the metal supply shop and A LOT of grinding, I had my hook shape. I took an extra angled bar and welded it on top of the hanger to hold the helmet. I used a piece of 1/8 inch flat steel to attach the hanger to the wall. I drilled the mounting holes in the flat stock and welded the assembly all together.

After a few coats of primer and my favorite color of paint, it was ready to go. I attached the hanger to the wall with lag bolts; first, because they are strong when drilled into studs, and second, because there wasn’t much clearance for a drill to properly drive in screws but a low-profile ratchet wrench worked just fine.

I hung up my wife’s longboard along with her helmet and this project was done. If you enjoyed this metalworking project or want to see how I solved some other household problems, check out the playlist above!

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