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I FINALLY got a full size dust collector (from Harbor Freight, it’s working great so far) but to fit it in my shop, I had to move a cabinet around and temporarily move my drill press. Once it was in place, I could fit the drill press back where it was, but I needed a fast, sturdy table to put it on.  It’s really heavy, and narrow, so I needed a table to fit in a small space, but be strong enough to support the weight of the tool.

Truth be told, this is one of the simplest projects I’ve ever made for a video.. so much so that I’m not sure it really deserves a video, but hopefully it’ll be helpful to someone else who needs a simple, quick work table.

You really only need 6-7 2×4’s and some MDF (maybe a half sheet) to cover the shelves.

Here’s what you’ll need:

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I cut down 2x4s into 34″ (4), 18″ (6) and 27″ (6)


The total dimensions for my table were 18″x30″x34″


The side panels were laid out in a ladder fashion, and screwed together using the 27″ and 34″ pieces.


I tried to square all of the corners when screwing them together.


The two side pieces were connected with the 18″ pieces, again squaring every corner as I went.


I adjusted the pieces as needed, to keep all four corners touching the floor.


I cut some scrap 3/4″ MDF to fit for the top (30″x18″).


I made scrap shelves to fit and slide the table into place.


The table was plenty strong enough to support the weight of my REALLY heavy drill press.


I got some cheap containers that would stack two deep to storage.


I intentionally made the table deeper than the drill press, to hold my keyboard and trackpad for my shop computer.