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For a really, really long time I’ve wanted to make a way to shoot pudding at my kids.  Yeah, I know…  but, if you’re a parent, you probably understand why that would be appealing to me. Not only would it be a funny thing to make, but also fun to use and fun to watch.
The building of the project didn’t quite go as planned, as the pump I was using didn’t turn out to be powerful enough. I was hoping to have the gun mostly self contained, possibly even run off of a LiPo battery so it didn’t have to be plugged in. Eventually, I had to remove the pump and just hook it up to my air compressor. At that point, there’s no real reason to have the canister, but.. oh well.

The main purpose of all of it, whether it is necessary or not, was to shoot my kids with pudding… and I did. 🙂

After you watch the build video, be sure to watch the Super Cut, it’s possibly my favorite video EVER.

Tools List:

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Here are most of the pieces I used. Mainly, the pipe pieces just step down from a 2″ pipe to a 1/4″ fitting. I also have a pressure gauge and a 12v power supply.


This is a 12v solenoid valve with 1/4″ fittings.


This is a 12v vacuum pump, but it ended up not being powerful enough to create the pressure I needed, so I replaced it with my air compressor.


I threaded everything together with teflon tape, then found some leaks using soapy water. Eventually, I redid all of the fittings with pipe joint compound and teflon tape together.


Eventually, I ended up with this. A momentary switch in between the power supply and the valve. The gauge is connected to a fitting that works with my compressor.


I added a little flair, but it also covers the joint compound which wasn’t dried out yet.


I used a pastry syringe to draw up some pudding.


I added some marshmallows down in the barrel to act as packing.


Then, I squirted in the pudding, filling it up to the top!


Here’s a sample of what happened, but I highly suggest watching the “Pudding Gun Supercut