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Several years ago, I built a great, simple storage bench next to our pool that both stored pool supplies and also acted as a step up into our trampoline. After 7 or 8 years, it was showing it’s age, so it was time to make a better one!  This is a really simple woodworking project that uses southern pine from the local big box store and just a couple of basic tools.

Building with Southern Yellow Pine is not just a strong environmental decision. You are choosing to support your local economy and the people in it by purchasing a homegrown product.
The strength of the wood makes Southern Yellow Pine the best choice, whether you plan to build a deck with pressure treated Southern Yellow Pine, create a gorgeous entryway to your home by installing Southern Yellow Pine floors, panel a wall with pine paneling or build a play set with Southern Yellow Pine timbers.
The density of Southern Yellow Pine allows it to hold nails better, meaning you won’t have to go back and redo parts of your project.
The durability of the wood means bring on the dogs, children and high traffic, your Southern Yellow Pine porch, deck or floor will stand the test of time.

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