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How to make a large Bluetooth scoreboard

By March 30, 2017March 31st, 20173D Printing, diy, Electronics, Projects, video, Woodworking

Not too long ago, I made a foosball table, and part of the initial discussions on that project included an Arduino based scoring mechanism. We decided that just building the table would be enough of a project, so I built out the scoreboard  separately so that it could work in many different situations. The idea was for it to be general purpose, large enough to see at a distance and controlled remotely over BlueTooth from a smart phone.
To get it working in the most accessible way I could think of, I found a general purpose Bluetooth (BLE) control app on the Apple app store that connects to the Arduino101 board I was using. It’s free and anyone can use it, although it’s not customized to this specific project. Building a simple control app wouldn’t be tough, if you’ve got any coding experience.

If you’re interested in building one, or just seeing how I did it, my code is available for free on my GitHub. Download it and do whatever you want to with it!