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I’ve got four young kids, and I’m extremely happy that they all love to draw and create things! The downside of the pure volume of art that’s created in our house is that we can’t keep it all, or even a large portion of it.  It gets everywhere and eventually we have to recycle the paper, regardless of how badly we feel.  [We do, however try to take decent photos of most of their drawings so we can always go back to see it. In fact, so far, two of the kids have secret Instagram accounts where we catalog their work.] A way around the paper build up is, of course, to do away with the paper and use white boards and black boards. These both create quite a mess and the bad part of using them exclusively is that the drawings are gone right away, often before they’re finished.
So, as a way to try to gather all of these things into one place, I made this easel. It’s got a white board, a black board, but also has a paper roll. The idea for the roll came from David Picciuto on an episode of our podcast, Making It.  He threw out the idea of using a roll of paper that you could just advance when the drawing was finished. When the roll is fully rolled up, it is a history of drawings neatly rolled into a single item that you can save or recycle.
I do have plans for this easel available, if you’d like to make you own!

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