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A while back, a guy named Andrew reached out to me asking if I wanted to work on a secret project with Lowes. I’m a big fan of the store Lowes, so of course I said yes. Andrew came up with an awesome idea of a DIY escape room where two trade professionals, Grant Thompson, and myself would use our skills and experience to escape a set of rooms full of puzzles.  Like I said, awesome idea 🙂 That description was really about all we knew going into it. They intentionally kept us in the dark so we had to actually problem solve our way out of the room. Spring forward to a few months ago, I found myself in Dayton Ohio, going through a giant wooden door, into a dark room…and the door shut behind me.  The video of how we did in the escape room is on the Lowes YouTube channel and you should DEFINITELY go watch it.  As a way to bring some of the mystery to my own channel, I made a small puzzle box that could exist in an escape room. The idea evolved quite a bit after having gone through the DIY Escape Room and it ended up being an awesome globe.
Check out the video above to see how I made a fun little puzzle game and see if it gives you some ideas for making your own escape room or table top puzzle!  Also, be sure to go check out the Lowes YouTube channel to see the DIY Escape Room video and a behind the scenes video about the whole project.

Also, if you want to look through my sample Arduino code, you can find it on my GitHub.