My shop is too small for a dedicated paint booth space, but recently I’ve started needing to paint more and more.  I recently made a He-Man shield prop and am working on some other props, so I need a place to paint.  For a while, I’ve been painting outside on a little table but it’s HOT outside, bugs constantly land on my painted items, and the rain and humidity certainly don’t help with getting a good finish.  So, I decided to finally make a place that paint inside, without having to dedicate a block of my shop.

This paint booth could be made with just about any material, even cardboard and duct tape, but I decided to use scrap that I had in the shop already.  This led me to using left over fabric for panel hinges, which worked better than I originally thought it would.  The best part about this project is that it can fold up almost completely flat, and be stowed away behind a tool when not in use.

Also, see DIY Tyler’s video about how he did a portable paint booth. This video came just a few days before mine was released, and is a different of approach that might work better for some people.

Tools List:

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