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Since we moved this past summer, I’ve been faced with lots and lots of practical projects to get our house and my shop in working order. After a considerable amount of hardwood flooring and shop furniture building, I needed a break to make something just for fun. With Halloween around the corner, I figured a simple costume would be a great project. Of course, I don’t have tons of time to make a complete elaborate costume, so I settled on just an arm.. for a cyborg of course.Making a cyborg arm allowed me to wear mostly normal clothes, then add the arm (tucked under my short sleeve). When I get tired of trick or treating (which won’t take too long), I can just slide the arm off and I’m back to regular old Dad.

I love making projects with EVA foam and hope to do many more in the coming year. It’s a really accessible material that can produce some amazing pieces for prop and costume work!

I’ve got some other prop projects that you may be interested in as well.