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My vehicle is pretty old. Most of it still works fine, but not the horn.  One of these days I’ll fix that, but in the mean time, I thought it’d be really fun to add a simple way to play any sound I wanted in place of the horn!  When I was a kid, my grandparents had a record that we’d listen to a lot about a guy who made sound effects.  He could make ANY sound, it was amazing.  One of his bits was that he’d installed a loudspeaker in his bumper and had a microphone in his car.  He would pull up to an intersection, miles from a train track, and start making realistic train sounds when the light changed.  Nobody would drive out of fear.  People got out of their cars and looked around for the train.

Anyway, I thought how much it would be to take that same idea, but add sounds that would really catch people off guard!  I made this system so it could be added to almost ANY vehicle, and is completely temporary.  It can be installed and removed quickly, but can be a blast to have around.  Check out how I did it!!