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As we packed up to move, I realized that I had a guitar with no case to keep it safe. Basic guitar cases are not really that expensive, but it was a great excuse to try to make my own. A lot of the less expensive cases are made out of dense cardboard but I opted for a combination of 1/8″ and 3/4″ plywood for mine, wrapped in orange Tolex. The case is basically just a box, with a cross piece to support the neck of the guitar. To keep it in place, I wrapped the whole inside with upholstery foam covered in black velvet (using LOTS of spray adhesive).
For the hardware, I chose all black but chrome is also really easy to get ahold of. I got some corner pieces, hinges, latches and a handle, all of which just attach with screws. The case turned out great and will do it’s job nicely for moving the guitar and taking it around town to play here and there.