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Remember when I recently made a life cast of my head? That was all preparation for THIS project.  I’ve been really interested in making some helmets for a while, more as props than as costumes.  I’ve always been a Batman fan and I really love the look of the mech armor from Batman Vs Superman. I THOUGHT that it’d be a relatively straight forward shape to make.  It turned out to be much more difficult than I expected, but after four tries, I finally got a base shape that I could work with.
One of the reasons I love making projects with EVA foam, is that it can encompass a huge number of skills, but doesn’t absolutely require any special tools. Of course, tools make it faster and easier, but you can get a TON accomplished with a sharp knife, some sand paper and CA glue.

This is just the first of my costume/prop builds that I have planned, and I hope it’ll teach you as much as it taught me!