Well.. today is the last day of one of the craziest, hectic and wonderful years of my life so far.   I started out this year with no particular goals or directions, mainly focusing on enjoying the state of my family and trying to be aware and present in every moment.  When you have kids, every single event is a fleeting moment, and although not every one is extremely unique or special, they only happen once. If you don’t specifically decide to pay attention to the moments as they happen, you’ll miss them.

My family, my kids, their growth are as much as ever, my main focus. I enjoy them daily, and cherish every opportunity to watch them learn and explore.  I could definitely (and probably should) write several posts just on the experiences with my kids over this last year, but for right now I want to just focus on what has happened with I Like To Make Stuff over the last 365 days.


On January 1, 2014, I was thinking only of this website and it’s content as an excuse for me to get into the shop every once in a while.  In fact, “in the shop” actually meant, dragging my tools outside into the carport, using them, cleaning up and dragging them back in. I didn’t really have any solid idea of what type of content I wanted to make, or who I was making it for. I was just trying stuff out, and beginning to learn the ins and outs of video production.  I also had 17 YouTube subscribers.

Since that day, I’ve been shown an ENORMOUS amount of support from people from all parts of my life.  My amazing wife has motivated me and put up with my new endeavors (she TRULY is amazing). My friends have listened to me talk incessantly about stuff that they don’t really understand or care about, just because they love me. They’ve forced me to sit down and do brain dumps and make plans. They encouraged me, marketed me and helped me in ways that I didn’t know I needed help.

I built a wall and created a real shop INSIDE the house! This was literally a game changer for me.

The audience and other content creators have gone out of their way to support and encourage my efforts and make me feel at home and a part of a huge community online. It’s honestly unbelievable how warm and inviting this community is, and being a part of it is truly a blessing.

There’s absolutely no way that I could list everyone who deserves my gratitude, or fully express that gratitude, but please know that if you’re reading this.. YOU have my thanks.

Since 1/1/14, I’ve defined the purpose of ILTMS. I’ve defined the audience. I’ve defined the steps to make it better. I’ve made goals for it’s (and my) future. I’ve created content that I’m very proud of. I’ve gotten the chance to interview SO many people that I respect. I’ve gotten to become friends with people that I never thought I’d even meet. I’ve gotten to start a podcast with Jimmy Diresta and David Picciuto, which is worth more to me than any profit it will ever bring. (I’d do it for free, even if the episodes never got released). I’ve listened to an insane amount of podcasts, soaking up bits of entrepreneurial knowledge and correcting course along the way (pretty much daily). I’ve completely redesigned (thanks to my incredible friend Jonathan Forby) the website and focused the presentation and content more and more on YOU. I’ve solidified my branding and visual presentation to clearly focus my efforts.

In the last year, ILTMS has grown in ways and numbers that I never could have imagined! The Facebook, Twitter, Instagram communities have exploded. Then there’s YouTube….   I honestly don’t understand it, but I also am not going to question it.  On this last day of the year, my channel has grown to 93,313 subscribers!!!  That’s totally bananas.


Ahhhh… I wish that I could bring every one of you to a table, and have a secret 1-on-1 conversation about everything that I’m planning for this next year. I wish that I could give you the low down so that you could share in my excitement, but for lots of reasons, I can’t spill it all yet.  Regardless, just know this…  next year will be packed with better content, more content, more new stuff, more opportunities, more interaction, more making…..    more/better/more/better….

In fact, I’ve even created a little slogan for myself and ILTMS for next year.


That applies to everything that I’m planning, personally and professionally from this day forward.

This upcoming year will take me to new places, into new things and new types of content. One of the most exciting parts of all of that new-ness is that YOU will be there with me!! YOU’ll get to share those experiences and the content that comes out of them!

So, to wrap up, I mainly want to say a truly heartfelt THANK YOU for being a part of my 2014. THANK YOU for your encouragement and support.

As we all move forward into the new year, I pray that we both have the best years of our lives and that we focus on the people around us, and how we can make their lives better.