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If you’ve been around my website for a while, you’ve heard me talk about my Grandad. He was awesome! Since he was a woodworker (among other things) he was always collecting cool pieces of wood and storing them in his shop. Later in life, he started sending a lot of those pieces to me to use in projects.  This split log was one of the pieces that he sent me a while back.  I love the look of it, even though I have no idea what kind of wood it is, and I wanted to use it without chopping it up into smaller pieces.
I had other projects on the schedule but I kept looking at this piece and the idea finally popped into my head. I wanted to make a bench from it, but keep it’s form. Also, it needed a “thing” and in this case, that was having hidden storage inside of it.  Check out how I made the bench in the video, with pretty much no planning whatsoever, not even a sketch.