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On July 12-13. 2014, I’ll be a part of a “pop-up” shop at West Elm in Atlanta, GA. This will give me a chance to sell some of the stuff that I make in a popular store, with pretty  traffic. I’ll be using a Square reader (I have no affiliation with them, just a good product) to take credit cards, and I wanted to have a “cash register” on my table. I wanted this for a couple of reasons.

  • Another local store has wanted me to make them one for a while
  • It’s another show piece on my table, even if it’s not for sale.
  • It doubles as portfolio, using a slideshow of my other work to show capabilities to potential customers.

Plus, it’s something I’ve never made.. and that is a good enough reason by itself.

So, I dove in, with very little planning, as usual.  I found several issues along the way, which I’ll list below. First, watch the video and let me know what you think!

What you need:

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Lessons learned:

  • Make the overall frame size larger, to better accomodate the width of the holes needed for the screws.
  • Use a thicker piece of wood for the top, then thin it out after it’s fully shaped/drilled/routed, if necessary.
  • Use a cutout for the camera, like the one for the home button. Currently, if you use the camera, you get a slight tunnel effect.
  • Use a thinner blade on the bandsaw for cutting out the inside shape of the front panel. (or do it on the CNC)