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For a while now (12 episodes) BrainPick has been a live video Q&A show on YouTube, mainly directed by audience questions. It’s been pretty well received but for me, had a lot of limiting factors. one of the biggest drawbacks of that format is that the Q&A portion works because a guests audience is generally producing the questions. This works fine, if the guest HAS an audience but what about all of the awesome people in this world that most people don’t know about??

I wanted to change who I could include (as well as some other stuff that I don’t feel the need to explain right now) so, in my recent transition to doing I Like To Make Stuff full time, I decided change up BrainPick as well.


So, starting with today’s new episode, I want to introduce you to the audio only podcast, BrainPick. This first episode is with Ben Uyeda of Homemade-Modern and it’s a more focused and in depth look at a guest as a person and a creator. I hope that you’ll subscribe to the podcast and let me know what you think. I’ve got lots more episodes planned and this new format should allow me to bring on more guests and expose you to a wider variety of awesome people.

To check out the new podcast and subscribe, click here

Check it out!