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Last time on my home renovation series, we laid down some floating hardwood floor in our bonus room conversion. It’s a great product but a bit too expensive to carry throughout the entire house. For the rest of the home, we decided to nail down hardwood floor so that we could spend the money on a harder, nicer looking wood.
Nailing down flooring is something that ANYONE can do and it not only makes the rooms look nicer, but also adds value to the home over all!

The first step is to clean up the subfloor, getting it free of all debris including staples. Then add a layer of underlayment as a moisture barrier.
When laying the actual floor, the first few rows will need to be nailed down by hand. After you get far enough from the walls, you can use a pneumatic nailer to make the process go MUCH faster!
This entire room took me about a day an a half to complete.