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This quarter I got asked to help curate a new Maker Box for Quarterly! Basically that means that I got to fill a box with cool stuff, and get to surprise you with what’s inside!  The contents are things that I think are fun or interesting, and they’re all something that you can do.. hands on projects! This is basically a subscription service that delivers you awesome stuff every few months (and you can cancel anytime).

Of course, I can’t tell you what’s inside, that’d spoil it but know this..  I personally had a say in what goes into it, so if you know me, you’ll have a good idea of what’ll show up in the box 😉  It’ll have a personal letter from me as well.

Check it out, sign up for this coming quarterly box while you can and enjoy the cool stuff we picked out! The box will ship out in May 2016!

Get the Maker Box