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How to make a DIY ceiling light fixture

By April 12, 2011March 31st, 2015building, design, diy, gallery, Home, misc., Projects, Woodworking
test fit, primed

test fit, primed

So, I’ve been writing more lately, and  posting less about what I was actually DOING (although writing is DOing something, I suppose)

Well,here’s one of the things I did this weekend. We had a chandelier from the 70’s hanging above our dining room table, and a while back I took it down, spray painted it red and rehung it. It worked for a while, because it was unique, but it was still lame, and we’ve been wanting more/better light.

We decided to build a fixture since it’d fit our space correctly, and well, we’re picky about how things look.

After figuring out the design, I set into building it, and already had most of the components around the shop. The wood was leftover 1″x from another project and a sliver of luan. The rods were old pieces of white tent poles that I’ve kept in a corner for 5 years waiting for a use. We just bought the shades for $12 each at Homegoods and some simple lamp parts from Home Depot.

I’ve added a gallery below of the project, and all of the steps along the way (see simple descriptions in captions)

I’ll post some finished pics once it painted and finally mounted (and the room around it is in a prettier state.)


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