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I’ve started making quite a few of these lately. They’re really easy to make, and you can customize them to look LOTS of different ways.
I’ve been using pallet wood for them lately because that’s what I have handy, but you could just as easily make a really nice, finished piece with nicer wood, stain, finish, etc.
Also, they can be just about any size that you want, as long as you can safely mount it to the wall.
In this video, I used toggle bolts to anchor the ledger board into the drywall, but you could use any anchor type that provides enough strength. Ideally, you would want to screw directly to a stud, but that’s not always possible.

Another variation would be to use a 1×1″ as the ledger board, so that the shelf could be shorter. I’ve got another one like that in my house, and I actually prefer it’s shorter look, to the tall version in this video.


What you need:

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