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We made axe throwing for kids! It’s a much safer and more inexpensive way for the whole family to participate in the ever-popular axe throwing craze! Come see how you can make a setup of your own!

  1. Cut Up Pool Noodles
  2. Wedge Them Into a Container
  3. Throw Things at It!

1. Cut Up Pool Noodles

If you remember from our Giant Slip N’Slide video, we used a ton of orange pool noodles to keep the water inside the big tarp. I took about 10 of those left-over noodles and cut them up on the band saw. You could totally use a utility knife to cut the foam into thin strips if that’s what you had. Once I had a bunch of strips, I cross cut them down so that they extend above the lip of a plastic container I had lying around.

2. Wedge Them Into a Container

The intent of this bundle-of-carrot-looking contraption is that a thin cutout of an axe would wedge itself inside of the the foam strips instead of bouncing off the uniform face. In order to create this uneven and wedge-able surface, Josh and Anthony sanded each foam strip to a point. Now we had a basket of pointed foam spikes instead of pretend carrots. This was the only labor-intensive portion of this project. Filling the container with as many pool noodle spikes quite tightly leave the longer ends to fan out a bit while holding them in place without any adhesive.

3. Throw Things at It!

Now that our target was ready, I drove in some simple screws into the sides and attached a string to hang it on the wall. Josh made some rounded-edge weapon templates and we used the laser cutter to quickly cut out an arsenal of thin, kid-safe throwing weapons. We had axes, throwing knives, ninja stars, and a host of Nerf guns at the ready. I wrapped a few axes in EVA foam to give them a bit of heft in your hand and sculpted the pieces using the sanders. These axes felt great as props, but the wider head was more difficult to stick into the target.

We’ve included the templates below if you want to make the throwing axes yourself. Please know that even though they are rounded off, when you throw things, they can hurt people so use safe practices and don’t throw them at anything that can get hurt. This is meant to be fun.

An Inexpensive Fun Game!

Just like real axe throwing, there is a technique to getting the axes to stick and it was a lot of fun. We hung the target from a tree, but you could totally hang this in the house on a rainy day or for a birthday party. I hope you liked this project and I hope it encourages you to make fun and exciting projects with your family.

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