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Have you seen those awesome river tables? I love the look of them and wanted to try something in the same vane, but with a different approach. My wife grew up near the beach and spent most of her free time there, so I knew she’s love anything that resembled the ocean. I also have been looking for a reason to make something with concrete lately. This was like the perfect storm of inspiration and material use.  It turned out to be quite a bit harder than I expected!
I ended up having to make the top for this table 3 times. I didn’t show all of them in the video, because the process was basically the same, but I did call out the problem that ruined the first two attempts.  The big thing I found that helped was pouring the epoxy in small, thin batches. When too much is poured in at once, the heat produced causes the curing epoxy to crack and turn an amber color.

Check out the video to see how I overcame that, and the final result.  After all of the effort and time, I ended up REALLY liking the look of this one, and most importantly.. my wife loves it.