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A good friend of ours recently asked me to make her a headboard that used the herringbone pattern, which I’ve used in lots of trays that I’ve made.
It turned out really well, and best of all, it used pallets (free), 2×4’s (super cheap) and some inexpensive plywood. There are lots of variations that you could make, using this same method of construction.
This was for a king size bed, but could easily be modified to fit any size. In this case, it was ~54″ tall and ~76″ wide. The biggest concern when measuring for what size you need, is to make sure that the legs of the headboard fall in line with the bedframe, so you can attach it. Alternatively, you could just attach it to the wall behind the bed.

Have a look, make your own and send me pictures of how it turned out!

What you’ll need:

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