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I’ve been working with the guys at Inventables on some things lately, and have been more and more impressed with their purpose and just how much they care about enabling people to make things. Personally, my goal is to demystify the process of “making” so that everyone realizes that they’re capable of making what they want to have. Inventables provides materials and tools to help people realize their ideas.

I was lucky enough to get an advance kit for the new X-Carve 3d carving (CNC) machine that they just announced, so I couldn’t help but make a video about the build process! The X-Carve is their evolution of the ShapeOko2 platform, and I have to say.. it’s a worthy successor in every way. It’s more rigid and overall has fewer components, which shortens the build time quite a bit! The kit comes with all of the tools that you need to put it together, and they have a very extensive set of videos and instructions documenting the entire build process in detail, which is really helpful when you start building.

Since I also have a ShapeOko2, I was eager to compare the two machines, both in performance and build process. I’m excited to say they both of those things were improved. The build was quicker, and easier, and the machine seems a bit more capable. There were lots of improvements that they made, most of which they show off in this video.

One of the best improvements is actually the ordering process, oddly enough. They have a really nice “configurator” on their site that helps you only order the parts that you need, so that you can customize the machine and everything about it to fit exactly what you need.

If you’re in the market for a small (or even medium size) CNC, I haven’t found anything that comes close to this in the power to cost department!