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Hey look! A desk!

By February 3, 2011March 31st, 2015building, design, diy, misc., Projects, über desk, Woodworking

So, I started my new desk..

In a whirlwind trip to the store and a couple of hours, I made the bones that will be my new workspace.

It’s not finished, it’s not pretty, it’s a little too tall and it’s not square. But it’s a start.

It was really interesting to do in such a short amount of time. (4 hours, including a trip to the store, and dinner) because I was kind of making it up as I went, adjusting and thinking on the fly. I was trying to keep in my mind, “Build quickly, and iterate”.  So, this is the first “version” of my desk.  It will get more refined, more detailed, and more “finished” over time.  But, one of the caveats of “Agile” development, is that nothing is really ever finished, it just gets better. (There’s a life lesson in there, but that’s for another time.)

As I built the bones for the desk, my mind was flooded with more refinements that could be added later, but instead of stopping to think them through, and try to plan for them, I just pushed on. I put those ideas in my brain cabinet for later so that they wouldn’t get in the way of MAKING. And it worked 🙂

So now, I’ve got a skeleton, and a box of ideas..   I’ll keep you posted, if you’re interested.



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