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Bob finally tackles the nastiest and most common problem that old VWs have; the rusting floor pan. If you are interested in getting an old VW, be prepared to fix the floor. Its going to be gross, it’s going to be challenging, and it time to get it done.

  1. Ready for Some Serious Work?
  2. Never Cut Both Sides
  3. Embrace the Grind
  4. Why the Karmann Ghia?

Ready for Some Serious Work?

Bob’s restoration adventure kicks off with a hearty dose of reality, as he bluntly admits, “This is going to be a lot of work.” With a humorous touch, he throws the question to his viewers, “Are you ready for it?” and then quickly dismisses it with a casual “Nope.” The tone is set – this is going to be a hands-on, no-nonsense journey.

Never Cut Both Sides

From spraying epoxy primer to morphing into a floor pan wizard, Bob takes us on a detour from the bodywork wonderland. He delves into the nitty-gritty of floor pan replacement, highlighting the pivotal role these pans play in the car’s structure. Bob credits a fellow YouTuber, CT, for schooling him on cutting techniques. He even shares a golden rule: “Never cut out both sides of anything at the same time.” Wise words, Bob.

Embracing the Grind

As sparks fly and metal meets mettle, Bob tackles the daunting task of cutting with an angle grinder. His candid commentary spills over, as he questions the wisdom of this choice, “Oh man, I don’t think there’s a great way to do this.” The angle grinder may have met its match, but Bob’s resolve shines through. He delves into a philosophical musing about the value of hard work, bridging his restoration passion with life’s bigger lessons.

Why the Karmann Ghia?

Bob takes us down memory lane, revealing the roots of his fascination with the Karmann Ghia. A teenage dream nurtured over pizza and video games finally takes center stage in his 40s. He shares a heartwarming connection with his father and grandfather, who had their own Karmann Ghia stories. A dash of humor surfaces as Bob unveils the quirky logic behind his choice and the tale of his grandfather’s unfortunate encounter with a tractor trailer.

In this rollercoaster of restoration, Bob’s candid storytelling reveals not just a car transformation, but a personal journey laden with sweat, lessons, and a deep love for the craft. Join Bob as he battles rust and reconnects with family history, all in the pursuit of turning an old relic into a shining testament to resilience and passion.

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