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Not long ago, I travelled out to Seattle to hang out with my friend Bill Doran and his wife Britney.  Bill runs a company called Punished Props that has a fantastic YouTube channel where he teaches all sorts of costume and prop fabrication.  I’ve learned a ton from his since I had him on BrainPick a while back, and we’ve become friends.  When we were talking about what to shoot while I was out there, I mentioned how I’d gotten a styrofoam head so that I could start working on a prop helmet. Bill quickly decided that we’d instead do a life cast of my head, so that I could make the helmet to fit perfectly.  By using an exact replica of a specific persons head, you can build the helmet templates ON the casting so they are exactly proportioned and places correctly.
So, for over and hour, I sat still, covered in silicone and plaster while Bill and some friends did their magic.  Check out the video to see how they did it, and please go subscribe to Bill’s channel.

He’s got tons of great content, as well as several really fantastic books on making costumes and props.

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Also, go buy Bill’s books