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We get asked a lot about recommendations for 3d printers. Most of the time, the question comes from people who haven’t yet gotten into 3d printing and they want to know about a certain kind of machine, or one they can buy on the cheap. In this episode of Bits, we dive into the things you should consider when purchasing your first 3d printer.

Full disclosure, I do own and operate a lot of printers, 6 in total, but this Bits guide won’t give you a winner or “Bob’s Pick.” There are a lot of questions to ask yourself when diving into 3d printing and a lot of considerations to weigh. We discuss things like price v. ease of use, build volume, hotted selection, build plate surface, and other cool bonus features.

There isn’t, and probably won’t ever be an answer to, “what is the best 3d printer?” But buy using this guide, you can determine how to prioritize your choices and make the most educated purchase to fit your needs.

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