Brazing metal is the process of joining metal together with a heat source great than a soldering iron, but less than a welder. This process isn’t meant to replace welding as a structural joining method, it is meant to make repairs to aluminum and cast iron as well as joining copper pipes and fittings.

For this process, you will need the a heat source like a propane or Map-Pro torch, a filler rod of the same metal that you are joining, and items to help the process like flux paste and cleaning agents.

The overall intent with brazing is that you are heating the base metals to a point in which the filler rod melts on contact and fills in the space between the metals being joined, NOT heating the filler rod and dabbing it onto the joint. Heat the base metals and periodically touch the filler rod to the joint to see if you’ve achieved optimal heating, if not, keep heating. Keep checking for the melting temperature until you see the filler rod melt into the joint.

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