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Learn Electronics! — Arduino For Makers, A New Online Course!

You can finally learn electronics from the ground up with our new online course Arduino For Makers! With this intro course, we walk you through the basics of electronics, basic coding, and project examples for integrating Arduino microcontrollers into ANY of your own projects.

Have you ever wanted to add a light to a project? Maybe a button that does a simple task. Arduino microcontrollers are a great way to add inexpensive and low-power interactivity to any project, but it can be daunting to get into electronics.

With Arduino For Makers you will:

  • understand the basics of electronics
  • learn to code without any prior knowledge
  • experience the different possibilities that Arduino allows
  • gain the confidence to add electronics to any project
  • see exactly how we’ve used Arduino microcontrollers in projects

The course currently includes over 35 videos over 10 chapters, and it’s still growing! We will continually add project walkthroughs to the end of the course to show you how Arduino microcontrollers can be integrated into any type of project. Check out Arduino for Makers and get started learning today!