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A couple of months ago, I purchased a “company car”, a 1992 Land Cruiser. I’ve been EXTREMELY happy with it so far, and have been itching to make it my own.  I’ve done a couple of small things (remember my license plate?) but nothing permanent, until now.  How permanent, you might ask?  Well, six small holes, and one 4″ hole….  that kind of permanent.
I ordered a relatively inexpensive kit for the snorkel, which seems to just be a knock off of the name brand ones that cost 4x as much.  Despite the cost difference, the build quality is impressive and the kit came with everything.  The only downside I found when installing it, is that the included template didn’t match the hole placement at all and there were no installation instructions included.

The majority of my time was spent measuring and agonizing over the placement of the large hole. Ultimately, even though I was a little off, I was able to enlarge the holes enough to get the placement correct and the holes were all still covered by the snorkel itself.

Check it out!!

The kit comes with almost everything you need. Everything else is listed above.


The template that comes with the kit is almost entirely wrong, so ignore it.


Instead, I measured the sizes and placement of the entire snorkel back side.


I translated my location for the center of the big hole to the side of the truck, added some blue tape. From this center point, I drew the large circle.


I used this circle for reference and modified it’s placement a little bit (although it still felt like a guess).


I removed the headlight (one screw) to access the fender.


The stock air intake came off by removing a hose clamp and bolt.


It takes a little Tetris skill, but the intake will slide out of the headlight opening.


I used a punch to mark the center of my hole.


I drilled a small pilot hole (kind of scary).


Then I drilled out the large hole (VERY scary).


To find the placement of the rest of the holes, I put the template on and covered the incorrect holes with tape.


I poked holes to match up with the real holes in the snorkel.


I added a few pieces of double sided tape to it as well.


I fit the snorkel in place, and taped the edges of the template down.


I punched each one of my newly laid out holes.


I drilled a very small pilot hole for each one.


I enlarged the holes with a larger bit, making them slightly bigger than necessary so I had a little wiggle room.


Here they are, all drilled out.


The kit comes with threaded rods, each with a hex opening in one end.


I added threadlocker and screwed them in.


I made sure they were all tightened down with an allen key.


My first test fit was close, but not exactly where I wanted everything to sit on the curves of the truck.


I opened up the holes a little, and drew a larger cut  out for the big hole.


I used a grinder to reshape the hole until the snorkel sat where I wanted it.


I added the plate for the upright, leaving the screws loose so that the plate could move a little bit.


The back of the plate got a little double sided tape.


I sat the snorkel in place, pressed the tape to the truck, and removed the screws. The plate stayed in it’s desired location on the upright.


I drilled through the holes in the plate, into the upright.


Here it is after removing the plate, and tape.


I sprayed all of my newly added holes with rust inhibitor spray.


They also all got a coating of RTV silicone to stop water leaking.


I tried to cover all exposed metal.


I riveted the top plate to the upright.


I also added a seal of silicone to the rivet holes and around the outside of the plate.


I even added some silicone to the rubber hose connection, after pushing it onto the snorkel.


I pushed the snorkel into place, but the rubber hose made it not sit flush against the truck. It’s very thick rubber.


Screwing in the upper bracket helped draw the snorkel against the truck some.


I ended up using a clamp to push and hold it in place while threading on the nuts.

Screen-Shot-2015-11-29-at-3.22.01-PMEvery washer got some silicone before it and the nut were added to the inside of the fender.Screen-Shot-2015-11-29-at-3.21.46-PM

The bolts were really difficult to get to, but eventually, I got washers and nuts on all six of them.



I tightened up the two hose clamps around the rubber hose connection.


The headlight went right back in place with the single screw.


The final pieces was adding the snorkel head with the included black hose clamp.


It was complete! My first addition to my company car!