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After doing the screen printing how-to, I started looking into multiple color printing, which led to the need for a printing press. Although it is possible to print multiple colors (1 color per screen) without a press, it’s very difficult and will probably have very inconsistent results. Personally, I knew that I’d never be likely to actually print a multi-color print simply because of the uncertainty about how it would turn out.

The advantage of a press is that it creates a repetitive process for lining up and printing with multiple screens, helping them stay registered to each other.

So, I found a set of free plans at and used them as a basis for my own build. The big difference in my build is that I didn’t want to build a dedicated table for my press. Since I don’t have a ton of room, I wanted to be able to separate and store away my press when it’s not in use.

Have a look at the build and please let me know what you think or if you have any ideas for improvement, in the comments.